YNW Melly’s ‘We All Shine’ EP features Kanye West and more

YNW Melly has been one of rap’s emerging stars over the past few months. Coming out of the Florida hot bed, Melly’s singing style of rap has earned him praise from other stars. ‘We All Shine’ is the Florida artists’ second project behind his 2018 release ‘I Am You.’

Although considered an EP, ‘We All Shine’ showcases 16 new YNW Melly songs as he engages listeners through his misery stricken lyrics and exuberant production. Melly first discovered his talents at just 15 when he turned the adversity he had faced into Soundcloud songs. However, being locked up at 16 the rapper found himself set back but against all odds here he is two projects later at the age 19.

‘It’s really based on what [I] grew up on – being locked up for 2 years of [my] life…It means more than just gang banging. We All Shine is to the universe to the whole world. It’s not just Black culture but to White culture, to every culture, we all shine. We all need to come together as one nation and just let everybody shine and stop bringing darkness to each other and stop depression, you know what I’m saying? I just want everybody to find the light deep inside of their soul and let them find themselves for themselves and we all gone shine and it’s not gonna happen unless we all shine together.’ – YNW Melly

Perhaps the most eye-grabbing detail on ‘We All Shine’ is the Kanye West feature, just one of the two features on ‘We All Shine’ as underground Louisiana rapper Fredo Bang appears on ‘Ingredientz’. It’s no secret Kanye has been paying attention to the underground as of late, notably, he debuted ‘I Love It’ with Lil Pump. Kanye features on ‘Mixed Personalities’, which also received a music video courtesy of Cole Bennett’s Lyrical Lemonade. The video features Melly and Kanye on artificial turf surrounded by CGI robots, with one that Melly takes a particular interest too. You can watch the music video here.

Take a look at one of rap’s emerging stars on ‘We All Shine’ down below.