SALLY debut’s her pop concoction on ‘Calculated’

Light production introduces the Australian raised, New-Zealand based singer SALLY.  Unashamedly pop, this new talent aims to ‘deliver rousing anthems and skyscraper-sized ballads.’ Her debut track lands in the form of ‘Calculated,’ a synth-pop stripped back single that feels like she’s making her way to take off.

Fueled by feelings behind a break up, Sally shares, “I think every song I write is a lesson. I’d come out of a relationship and I was posting pictures that made it look like I was having a great time. I wrote ‘Calculated’ about those times, realising that you’re just making things look better from the outside.”

Guilty on all accounts we can almost guarantee that at some point we’ve all been sucked into just that – fake smiles and exposing the best of the worst.

“I feel like social media just becomes a viewing platform for a battle of who is the happiest post break up – it’s fucked.”

The debut shows SALLY’s potential, and with time behind the wheel we’re sure that her following tracks will only build on her promising debut.