Judge lets infant girl reside utilizing the former probation officer who’s accused of purchasing her

Judge lets infant girl reside utilizing the former probation officer who’s accused of purchasing her

Lakashia Nicole McKnight (Photo: Courtesy Wichita County Prison)

A judge has determined a 1-year-old woman can live using the previous Wichita County probation officer faced with buying her, court papers reveal.

Lakashia Nicole McKnight, 39, of Wichita Falls asked a judge Friday to change a condition of her bond that needed her to stay 1,000 foot far from the infant girl she adopted from a female whoever probation she supervised.

McKnight is faced with purchase of a young kid associated with an event Oct. 9, 2018. The third-degree felony is punishable by as much as ten years in jail.

Judge Jim Hogan, that is presiding over 78th District Court this thirty days, lifted the illness and decided the child “may come back to reside in her house pending quality of her case,” based on a page through the judge Monday.

During a bond hearing Friday, Wichita County District Attorney John Gillespie objected to McKnight being permitted to understand child.

Gillespie told the judge Friday her, officials said that he feared the former probation officer might abscond with the child in light of everything McKnight allegedly did to procure.

McKnight is accused of pressuring Brenda Lee Velasquez, 44, whose probation she oversaw, allowing the use of her kid or get tossed in prison for so-called probation violations, based on court papers.

Velasquez had been sentenced to ten years of probation after pleading accountable to a felony drug offense March 16, 2015, based on court public records.

To have her baby, McKnight threatened to revoke Velasquez’s probation, pressured her to signal adoption documents, slipped her $100 in money to get caught up on the probation re payments and provided her furniture for a condo, relating to a Texas ranger’s grievance regarding the cost of buying a kid.

On Friday, the Texas ranger testified their investigation uncovered that McKnight had attempted to get a young child off their ladies on probation.

In addition, Velasquez hired a lawyer to challenge the adoption in the grounds that she consented to it while under duress, in accordance with testimony Friday.

Before McKnight’s latest arrest, the Texas ranger looked for bail conditions, including her steering clear of the alleged victim, documents revealed.

Her conditions of launch from Wichita County Jail on a $5,000 relationship for the charge that is child-buying included using a GPS ankle monitor, surrendering her passport and remaining in Texas unless a judge offers her written permission to go out of, based on court papers.

Hogan finalized down on those conditions Oct. 4 ahead of the arrest, court papers showed.

At Friday’s relationship hearing, McKnight also asked the judge to permit her to go out of Texas without written authorization, but Hogan denied this demand, based on court papers.

A felony, and with official oppression, a misdemeanor, in connection with a March 6, 2018, incident, according to court records in late June, McKnight was charged with fabricating physical evidence.

Her bonds are $27,500 on those past costs, in accordance with court public records.

After just exactly what Gillespie heard at Velasquez’s might 17 probation revocation hearing, he asked Texas rangers to conduct a study in to the Wichita County Adult Probation Department.

Gillespie stopped the probation revocation hearing upon learning McKnight had used Velasquez’s child.

The probe for the division has resulted in felony and misdemeanor costs against three other employees single panamian women that are former.