Imugi 이무기 are caught in the clouds of ‘Greensmoke’

Auckland singer/producer duo Imugi 이무기 have released their wispy new single ‘Greensmoke’ via A Label Called Success. The latest release from Yery Cho and Carl Ruwhiu is a hazy hotbox, arriving just over a year after the indie-electronic duo’s debut project Vacasian EP. Beneath Carl’s dainty ambient production, Yery’s psyche struggles between reaching a clear state of mind and using unhealthy coping mechanisms, her conscious caught in the clouds of green smoke.

“It’s easy to avoid and repress but growing older we understand how everything in our beings and actions are connected,” Yery elaborated on the tracks concept. “It’s important to stay mindful and observe your internal landscape so you can keep it moving. Allowing your self to move through things brings you back to your peace, even when it seems all has gone to shit.”  In tow with the release of ‘Greensmoke’ arrives an ethereal, scenic trip visual directed by Connor Nestor and funded by NZ on air.

Carl and Yery are bedroom artists who have been collaborating since high school, having released their first track back in 2014. “While working on the beat, we’ll also be writing to it,” Yery explains of their musical chemistry. “Everything comes out at the same time, nothing dominates the other but we like to keep it complementary and embrace the wholeness of that duality.” ‘Greensmoke’ is the leading single from the duo’s next project. “We spent the whole of last year just playing shows and writing songs, observing how audiences vibe to it. Now we’re picking and refining the best to put out asap.”

Imugi are one of the few local Auckland acts set to play this years Laneway Festival on January 28th, the coveted spot set to be the pairs biggest gig yet. Listen to ‘Greensmoke’ by Imugi 이무기 below.