Dharmarat paints his apocalyptic picture on ‘He Said; Still Running’

‘I had a dream about the end of the world one night and drew a picture of it the next morning at work and wanted to base an album around it’, the new Dharmarat project isn’t your usual. Based on a dream he had, ‘He Said; Still Running’ may be the New Zealand MCs most personal work to date.

While ‘i’m ok’ was the lead single from the album, ‘He Said; Still Running’ has been in the works since his 2017 LP ‘JESUS’. As Dharma told SNIFFERS about the process between ‘JESUS’ and ‘He Said; Still Running’: ‘Those were songs I made that didn’t fit the narrative of the album and I felt were good enough to hold people over a little till He Said; Still Running was done’. Through the 9-track album, Dharma explores an apocalyptic world and what it would mean to him if this was the end. Taking a dark turn across the tracks, there’s no shying away from addressing real-world issues.

As expected Dharma is joined by a diverse talent pool from across the country, three features on the album come from veteran kiwi MC Rizvan while frequent collaborator and hit-maker in his own right, Jinzo also appears. The third feature and perhaps the most interesting is from Adam Kitto, which is Dharmarat’s government name, on ‘hollywood act’. An inner monologue, Dharma turns off the rapper for a verse to show the true side of him.

Production primarily comes from himself and fellow Valley Side Boys members Hor and Almac. However, rising producer Dera Meelan provides the dark beat for ‘funeral’ while SWIDT’s in-house producer SmokeyGotBeatz finishes off the album on the 8-minute long track ‘Medley’.

Take a look at the picture Dharmarat painted down below.