Listen to Lil Halima’s heartstring tugging ‘Hold Me’

Norwegian pop star Lil Halima has released heartstring tugging track ‘Hold Me.’ Lil Halima’s haunting soul vocals are illuminated by intricate production before a digital beat breakdown hits, the heavy hearted single co-produced by George Moore.

A consoling and warm introduction, ‘Hold Me’ is the first of three songs set to appear on the artists upcoming For The Dark Days EP, out February 22nd via Dew Process/Universal music. 

For the Dark Days is set to be followed up by another EP later in the year, designed to be a series that offer a conceptual take on Lil Halima’s life in northern Norway, which goes through a winter of endless darkness followed by summers of constant sunlight. Lil Halima opened up about the single ‘Hold Me’ which may “seem like a very dark song, but in many ways what I’m trying to say is that nothing is wrong with me, I just need a hand to hold on to and in this case, it should’ve been my own.”

Listen to goosebump inducing ‘Hold Me’ by Lil Halima: