Ivy Angel slinks through the night on ‘Afterparty’ prod. Jei Bliss

Wellington pop songstress Ivy Angel has released her single ‘Afterparty’ produced by Auckland’s Jei Bliss, the follow up to her debut single ‘On my Own.’  Ivy Angel floats away on an evening escape on the pop song, slinking through the night on the tranquil track carried by dreamy production and smooth, soaring vocals.

Ivy Angel describes the tracks underlying themes as “to be relatable in the problems of being excluded, loneliness, the repetitive nature of depression, but simple enough that you can use the song like an escape pod to spacing out and forgetting about those problems for a while.”

‘Afterparty’ is the second single from Ivy Angel’s upcoming debut EP. The ‘Afterparty’  artwork was created by animator Raewyn Simmonds and videographer Vanessa Cone, and the music video for the track will be released on the 28th of January. 

Listen to ‘Afterparty’ by Ivy Angel produced by Jei Bliss below.