Cub Sport’s ‘Party Pill’ is An Ode to Love

The Aussie alt-pop group’s latest track ‘Party Pill’ is a whimsical, lovey-dovey hit that tells the real-life experiences of singer Tim Nelson and his bandmate, and newlywed husband, Sam Netterfield.

A beautiful and raw documentation of love that just misses the 3-minute mark, ‘Party Pill’ talks about the relationship Nelson and Netterfield hid behind for so long but now celebrate in pure freedom. Over rolling synthetics and harmonic beats, Nelson’s lyrics drip in honey and leave a long-lasting taste.

The accompanied video marks Cub Sport’s directorial debut and features both Nelson and Netterfield in a soft embrace that really tugs at the heartstrings. It’s honest, simple, and unequivocally authentic; and it just might be the best thing the band has put out yet.

The single follows the announcement of the band’s 2019 AUS and NZ tour which will be kickstarting in Wellington on March 28, followed by an Auckland show March 29. For more details visit undertheradar.